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THE CLEANER for SNEAKER (a.k.a. Snikli)

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As a professional shoe polisher, we at Brift H are also challenging ourselves to innovate in the world of sneaker polish.
Our products are designed to clean high-end leather sneakers, so we have created a solid paste type cleaner instead of the liquid detergent type that is commonly used.
This is because with a liquid type cleaner, there is a risk that the cleaner will soak into the uppers and stain the uppers when you wipe the rubber sole with the cleaner to clean it.

The key to polishing sneakers is "dirt removal," but since ordinary cleaners are not that strong, it takes a long time to clean white rubber soles and requires a lot of energy.
Therefore, we have added an abrasive agent to the Snikli that we have developed this time. After many trials, we found that by adding an abrasive, we were able to easily wipe off stubborn stains.
However, it is easier said than done. When we actually asked the factory to produce the Snikli we had made using the same recipe, they repeatedly refused, saying that they could not add the abrasive. It is truly a cleaner that is the fruit of hard work. Please try it and polish your sneakers too!

Please take a look at the set that includes a towel that can remove dirt more effectively in a thick paper box.

Effective use of Snikli
When using Snikkuri, use a microfiber or coarse-grained towel or cloth to remove stains more effectively. For the amount to be removed, start with a small amount at first to get the hang of the amount that is easy to use.
*As it contains abrasives, try to avoid getting it on the uppers as much as possible. It may crystallize into white.

Capacity: 130 ml

*About the stock
Please note that this product may be out of stock due to a time lag because it is also sold in our stores. Please understand beforehand.

Main ingredients wax, fats, organic solvents, abrasives
Country of origin Japan

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