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Crockett & Jones is a long-established luxury shoe store founded in 1879 by Charles Jones and Sir James Crockett in Northampton, England. In the past, Crockett & Jones had a long history as an OEM manufacturer of shoes for many famous brands, but when it stopped making shoes for John Lobb, it began to sell shoes under its own name, leading to the current Crockett & Jones. Recently, the brand has become popular among a wide range of people because James Bond, 007's favorite character, uses the brand. It is also a story that the shoes were originally used in a movie because Daniel Craig originally loved to wear Crockett shoes.

Now, these shoes were originally light brown, but were dyed dark navy and black at Brift H. The toe and heel have a bluish tint. The toe and heel are dyed blue and the entire shoe is dyed black. This RECOLOR makes the most of the design of the hole cut, which is made of a single piece of leather. The shoes themselves are over 20 years old, so the leather is excellent and the fine texture can be seen from the photos. The insoles have been replaced with Brift H long socks. The insoles have been replaced with Brift H long socks, so at first glance, it is hard to tell which manufacturer they are from. The soles of the shoes have been repaired once with leather. The heels are a little worn, but it is too early to repair them, so they will be delivered as they are now. The shoes are somewhat rounded overall and the nose is short, giving them a classic look, but the antique finish gives them a modern feel, making them a one-of-a-kind pair.

The shoes have no particular flaws that stand out, but there is a small gap between the welt and the sole at the toe. The toe area has a small gap between the welt and the sole. I think this probably happened when the shoes were repaired before, but it is not a major problem when using the shoes, so it is left as it is. The top lift is about 30% worn out, but it is not necessary to replace it yet, so it will be given to you as is. The counter lining is a little worn.

Material: Calf
Country of manufacture: England
Accessories: None

With E / Total length of sole 28.5cm / Ball joint 11cm / Stacked height of heel (from the ground) 2.3cm

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