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John Lobb / U-Tip Single Monk

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JOHN LOBB is a model that is rare among all the JOHN LOBB models. The slightly square lasts that were made for a while are rare to begin with, but in addition to that, it is a single monk with an oversized buckle and a U-tip. The leather quality and the beautiful finish are genuine JOHN LOBB, although it doesn't look like John Lobbe for a moment.

In fact, these shoes were originally beige, but were recolored by Brift H. Dyeing them black really tightened them up and gave them a great finish. The slightly chiseled toe and square-cut U-tip look like Italian shoes. For all you John Lobb LOVERS who love the old logo, this is a steal!

The toe helicopter is at 50%, so no repairs are needed yet, but please watch them carefully as you wear them. The heel toe is about 70% worn, so you may want to have it repaired. Unfortunately, we do not repair these shoes because they are on consignment, but we recommend that you repair them before you wear them. There are scratches on both toes, although they have been polished to make them less noticeable.

Material: Calf
Country of manufacture: England
Accessories: None

with E / Total length of sole 29.5cm / Ball joint 11cm / Stacked height of heel (from the ground) 2.2cm

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