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Riccardo Bestetti Bespoke

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Bespoke shoes by the late Milanese genius "Riccardo Frecciavestetti". There is no size description because they are bespoke, but they are probably equivalent to EU41 size or UK7 size. The silhouette looks slim because of the sharp nose, but the ball joint is wider than it looks because it is made wider. The design is also unusual with its moon cap design. The heel also has an interesting design and gives a sense of playfulness that is typical of Italian shoes. The heel is a little high because Bestetti has always had a reputation for making boots.

It is a new and unused item. They are very classy and have no scratches. The leather is Chestnut.

Material: calf
Country of manufacture: Italy
Accessories: genuine tree / box available

Wise unknown (probably equivalent to E) / Total length of sole 29.4cm / Ball joint 11cm / Height of heel pile (from the ground) 3cm

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