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When, created by up-and-coming young shoemaker Kota Kobayashi, originally specializing in bispoke shoes, is a pattern-order line of shoes created in collaboration with Brift H. As you can see from the photos, the shoes are as sophisticated as the clear air they breathe.

As you can see from the photos, the shoes are as sophisticated as the clear air. There is no stiff handmade feel to them, in fact, they even feel inorganic. The solid texture of the sole and the finish on the heel give a very cool impression. The leather upper is made of Annonay's Rusty calf, which has a unique grain. The texture has a softness and thickness like deerskin (deer skin), and it is characterized by the ease with which it softens and becomes familiar to the foot as it is worn in.

The lining is black and has a solid texture even after taking them off. The shoe tree is also a special feature of these shoes, and each tree is individually made to match the shoe by Mr. Araida of Brift H, who also produces these shoes. The brass plates are rusted on purpose. The steel toes are also discolored to a blue color. The steel toes have also been discolored to a blue color. This is a pair of Lazyman, the most popular model at the moment and sincerely recommended.

Please note
that most of you have never tried on the When wooden model. However, there may be some who do not fit well, so if you wish, you can try them on at our Aoyama store.

Material: Calf
Country of manufacture: Japan
Accessories: Shoe tree

Wise D equivalent / Sole length: 29cm / Ball joint: 10cm / Stacked heel height (from the ground): 2.6cm

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